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ALIGARH: 02-09-2019
AIMS has been migrated from cloud to LAN of AMU
AIMS (AMU Information System) has been migrated from Internet to LAN of AMU on August 12, 2019. It is available on LAN in AMU Campus only

ALIGARH: 18-11-2018
Reunion event organized at Industrial Chemistry

The Industrial Chemistry Division of Department of Chemistry organized a Reunion- cum-Alumni Meet.

ALIGARH: 15-11-2018
AMU celebrates Children's Day
AMU celebrated Children's Day, the birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru by paying tributes to

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05-11-2018 AMUSU, WCSU elections results declared
Students Union Election Result Declared
Aligarh, October 4: The results of the keenly contested Aligarh Muslim University (AMU) Students Union (AMUSU) and Womens College Students Union (WCSU) elections were today declared in wee hours.
M Salman Imtiyaz has been elected as the President of AMUSU, while Hamza Sufyan and Huzaifa Amir are the Vice President and Hony Secretary elects respectively. Afreen Fatima has been elected as the President of WCSU. Nahid Asad and Memoona Ansari are the WCSU Vice President and Hony Secretary elects respectively.
Maryam Batool, Ferdaus Ahmed Barbhuiya, Syed Shahrukh Hussain, Gawtham K, Nishant Bhardwaj, Naved Alam, Fahd Ayub Zinjani, Moin Uddin, Fakhara Khan and Hasan Mustafa have been elected as the AMUSU Cabinet members.
Afreen Khan, Aleena Rab, Afreen, Alveena Rehman, Naba Rahman, Hala Masroor, Sana Habib and Saima Shaukat have been elected as the WCSU Cabinet members.
The elected AMU Court members are Shafeequr Rahman Khan (Faculty of Agricultural Sciences and Theology), Abdul Waheed (Faculty of Arts), Salman Ahmad (Faculty of Social Sciences), Maaz Ahmad (Faculty of Unani Medicine), M Bilal Khan (Faculty of Commerce), Arshe Alam (Faculty of Engineering and Technology), Raas Masood Khan (Faculty of Law), Mohammad Ghayasuddin (Faculty of Life Sciences), Salman Ahmad (Faculty of Social Sciences), Maaz Ahmad (Faculty of Unani Medicine), Anas Ahmad Khan (Faculty of Management Studies and International Studies), M Raashid (Faculty of Medicine) and M Khalid (Faculty of Science) .
AMUSU and AMU Court Chief Election Officer, Prof Zaheeruddin and WCSU Chief Election Officer, Prof Hina Parwez said that the polling was conducted peacefully.
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