Current News

ALIGARH: 18-11-2018
Reunion event organized at Industrial Chemistry

The Industrial Chemistry Division of Department of Chemistry organized a Reunion- cum-Alumni Meet.

ALIGARH: 15-11-2018
AMU celebrates Children's Day
AMU celebrated Children's Day, the birth anniversary of the first Prime Minister, Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru by paying tributes to

ALIGARH: 06-11-2018
AMU Wins All India Debate Competition
The University Debating and Literary Club (UDLC), Aligarh Muslim University (AMU), has won the Janak Kapoor Memorial National Debate Running Trophy

Current Notices

- Important AMU links added at Footer

- Secure SSL connection launched.

Urgent Action Desired

- Update All Students' Data

- Update Research Scholars details


Aligarh Muslim University

Information Management System

System Features

AIMS (AMU Inforamtion Management System)

  • • Can manage Data of all categories to get the desired Information
  • • It will be available simultaneously to all Executive Officers on internet/intranet
  • • Access to manipulate the data is according to the Privileges assigned to the Executive officers and their associates.
  • • Real Time Data/Information will be available to all users
  • • Real Time status will be available to non executive persons on its public domain
  • • Photo of the students can be see on a click
  • • Will be able to display/print any column (field) in any order
  • • Can Sort all columns(fields) in ascending/descending order
  • • Search is available on all fields
  • • Selected records can be edited/ updated
  • • Different types of the lists can be generated and printed
  • • All activities of all executives officers will be Recorded
  • • It will be a step towards Paper Less System
  • • No duplication of Records/ Enrolment
  • • Homogeneity and Uniformity of Information
  • • ID cards can be directly printed with this data in a uniform pattern
  • • SMS or email can be send to the students either individually or collectively for any information
  • • Transparency of Information
  • • Ease of use of system any time and any where
  • • Status of accounts can be seen any time
  • • Dues slip can be printed for payments
  • • Payment Details can be updated easily
  • • Payments can be made and Ledgers updated simultaneously
  • • Status of Attendance
  • • Status of Sessional Marks
  • • Interaction with teachers for help
  • • Interaction with fellow students for help
  • • Distance Teaching Learning System
  • • Counseling & Guidance
  • • •And Others