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ALIGARH: 21-01-2022
AIMS (AMU Information System) is back on Cloud
AIMS (AMU Information System) has been migrated back to Cloud since 25-07-2022.

ALIGARH: 02-09-2019
AIMS has been migrated from cloud to LAN of AMU
AIMS (AMU Information System) has been migrated from Internet to LAN of AMU on August 12, 2019. It is available on LAN in AMU Campus only

ALIGARH: 18-11-2018
Reunion event organized at Industrial Chemistry

The Industrial Chemistry Division of Department of Chemistry organized a Reunion- cum-Alumni Meet.

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15-05-2017 Farewell to General Shah, VC AMU
Dept of Psychology bids farewell to General Shah and Brigadier Ali
Aligarh, May 15: The Aligarh Muslim University Vice Chancellor, Lt General Zameer Uddin Shah (Veteran) and Pro Vice Chancellor, Brigadier S Ahmad Ali (Veteran) recently attended a farewell function organized by the University’s Department of Psychology. The programme was conducted under the guidance of Professor (Hafiz) Mohd Ilyas Khan, Chairperson, Department of Psychology by the faculty members, students, research scholars and other dignitaries.
During the programme, the Department of Psychology thanked Lt General Zameer Uddin Shah and Brigadier Syed Ahmad Ali for their untiring and unwavering commitment towards the development of the University.
Mrs Sabiha Simi Shah, wife AMU Vice Chancellor, General Shah; Guest of Honour, Dr Nadeem Tarin,Mrs Arjumand Bano and Mr Ashraf Ali Fatimi also graced the occasion with their presence.
The Vice Chancellor General Shah in his speech shared beautiful and valuable life lessons with the students and the faculty members. He praised Professor (Hafiz) Mohd Ilyas Khan for his hardiness and his ability, quality of leadership, his oratory, power of conviction, capacity to organize every function successfully.
Meanwhile, Professor (Hafiz) Mohd Ilyas Khan in his eloquent and mesmerizing speech spell bounded the guests and the audience alike, while emphasizing the uncountable achievements and fine administration skills of Lt Gen Zameer Uddin Shah and his contributions towards the vision of Sir Syed Ahmad Khan making him a valuable successor.
He thanked General Shah for allocating land for the construction of Department of Psychology atJalil Hostel. Professor Khan also thanked Mrs Arjumand Bano, wife of Dr Nadeem Tarin, who has proposed to contribute in the cause and offered to help build the new building for the department.
Mr Nadeem Tarin inhis speech emphasized on the training and professionalizing of the courses, while Mrs Arjumand Bano, who is an alumnus of the Department of Psychology, very humbly thanked the department for remembering her and inviting her to relive her college days.
Later Mr Ashraf Ali Fatimi, ex-HRD Minister of State and AMU alumnus spoke about his student days in the University. He said that he is happy to see the achievements of various departments and faculties. Mr Fatimi also wished the university to achieve new height in days to come.
Earlier Professor Romana Siddiqui and Dr Reshma Jamal delivered the welcome speeches.
Research scholar, Ms Roomana Sanam conducted the programme. Dr S M Khan briefed the guests about the developments in the Department.
The programme also had a Nazm (Poem) recitation by Ms Bushra Hashim and group song by M A students of the Department.
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