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ALIGARH: 21-01-2022
AIMS (AMU Information System) is back on Cloud
AIMS (AMU Information System) has been migrated back to Cloud since 25-07-2022.

ALIGARH: 02-09-2019
AIMS has been migrated from cloud to LAN of AMU
AIMS (AMU Information System) has been migrated from Internet to LAN of AMU on August 12, 2019. It is available on LAN in AMU Campus only

ALIGARH: 18-11-2018
Reunion event organized at Industrial Chemistry

The Industrial Chemistry Division of Department of Chemistry organized a Reunion- cum-Alumni Meet.

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- Secure SSL connection launched.

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09-09-2013 Recruitment process of security guards
AMU conducted a stringent recruitment process for security guards for the first time in its history.
ALIGARH September 9: The Aligarh Muslim University conducted a stringent recruitment process for security guards for the first time in its history, under the leadership of Pro-Vice Chancellor, Brig. (Retd.) S. Ahmad Ali. Responding to a local advertisement made by the University in this regard, 1400 candidates applied for 70 positions. The University conducted 800 meter race in 3 minutes for two batches of 700 candidates each at the University Athletics Ground and the qualifying candidates were asked to perform chin ups. 213 candidates were finally selected for medical fitness test to be carried on October 10 and 12, 2013. Sources said that the candidates selected after the medical fitness test will have to appear for a written test also. AMU Registrar, Group Captain (Retd.) Shahrukh Shamshad, Proctor Dr. Jamshed Siddiqui and his proctorial team, faculty members of Department of Physical Health and Sports Education, Games Committee officials and medical team with an ambulance was also present at the field. AMU will take the services of a group of doctors for conducting medical fitness of the candidates. (Dr. Rahat Abrar) Public Relations Officer