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ALIGARH: 21-01-2022
AIMS (AMU Information System) is back on Cloud
AIMS (AMU Information System) has been migrated back to Cloud since 25-07-2022.

ALIGARH: 02-09-2019
AIMS has been migrated from cloud to LAN of AMU
AIMS (AMU Information System) has been migrated from Internet to LAN of AMU on August 12, 2019. It is available on LAN in AMU Campus only

ALIGARH: 18-11-2018
Reunion event organized at Industrial Chemistry

The Industrial Chemistry Division of Department of Chemistry organized a Reunion- cum-Alumni Meet.

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- Important AMU links added at Footer

- Secure SSL connection launched.

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- Update All Students' Data

- Update Research Scholars details


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05-09-2013 Sulaiman Hall gets new Provost
Appointment of Professor Mohammad Arif as Provost, Sir Shah Sulaiman
ALIGARH September 3: Professor Mohammad Arif, Department of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Aligarh Muslim University has been appointed as Provost, Sir Shah Sulaiman Hall for a period of two years or till further orders, whichever is earlier, with immediate effect Vice Dr. Hisamuddin. (Dr. Rahat Abrar) Public Relations Officer